Why Choose Consensus Mediation?

Cut Through the NonsenseConsensus Mediation is an independent mediation provider, matching highly-qualified and experienced mediators with a range of commercial clients throughout the UK.

We take great pride in the high quality service we provide.

You may confidently expect:

  • Friendly, responsive and prompt support, and of course, impartiality and confidentiality at all times;
  • Help to find the right mediator. Remember we can offer the most experienced mediators in the country not only from our extensive panel but also our network connections;
  • Flexible solutions - perhaps a limited-time mediation (eg half-day), or a co-mediation, or an iterative or multi-day process;
  • Help to engage the other parties in the process, if you need it;
  • Fees that are highly competitive, transparent and with a fixed quote;
  • Attention that ensures all aspects of the mediation run smoothly;
  • Help to prepare for the mediation, guiding you through the documentation you need, and providing support to help focus on the negotiation process;
  • Our 'Mediation Pack' - our Agreement to Mediate, clear information on the logistical details of the mediation, and a guide to the day's proceedings to help you brief and prepare yourself and your clients;
  • Support AFTER the meeting too;
  • Evaluation and reflection - important for you and us to ensure high standards are maintained.


  • experienced, specialist, independent mediators from all over the country;
  • a fixed quote fee including the mediator's preparation time, pre-mediation liaison, travel time, and a full day of mediation;
  • any potential overtime charges clearly quoted in advance of the mediation;
  • mediator's expenses (if any) quoted in advance of the mediation;
  • no hidden costs or extra charges after the event;
  • efficient and friendly case management.


  • Mediators remain independent, impartial and focused on the dispute because we handle all the fee negotiations, contracts and documents;
  • in highly-charged or multi-party disputes our experienced case managers help smooth out pre-mediation communications between representatives;
  • Solicitors and clients can concentrate on the case while we sort out all the details.


  • Our fees have always been fair to the parties and to the mediators;
  • We offer genuine "added value" to the management of a case;
  • There are no hidden extras - what you see is what you pay regardless of the complexity of the arrangements

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