Fees and Expenses

What does the fee include?

  • An eight-hour mediation day (or agreed limited-time day)
  • Mediator's preparation and travel time
  • Pre- and post-mediation liaison
  • No hidden extras
  • Any expenses will be quoted in advance, at cost, and shared equally between the parties
  • Any potential overtime charge, in the event of a mediation running over the agreed day's length, quoted in advance and shared equally between the parties

The fee reflects the experience of the individual mediator chosen and, to a lesser extent, the relative complexity and value of the case. We have a wide range of mediators on our panel whose fees vary considerably.

By way of example:

  • A small two-party case with a litigation value of £25,000 or less, without particular complexity, may attract a fee as low as £400 per party.
  • A regular two-party contract dispute up to £250,000 will probably cost around £900 to £1250 per party.
  • A two-party case valued between £250,000 and £1,000,000, using a senior mediator, is likely to attract fees in the region of £1400 to £1750 per party.
  • A two-party case with £5 million in dispute, using a very senior mediator, may require fees upwards of £3000 per party.

Fees and expenses are payable in equal proportions by each party in advance of the mediation.

VAT will be applied at 20%.

Our standard Agreement to Mediate sets out the full terms and conditions.