Consensus Aviation

We provide a QC led mediation team, with aviation experience.

The aviation world is a tight knit community. So many interested parties know each other. It is the ideal environment for constructive engagement where preserving relationships can be so important.

Litigation through the courts can destroy such relationships.

Mediation is therefore an ideal means of conflict resolution for aviation disputes.

Consensus Mediation offers a dedicated aviation dispute resolution service.

Our Service is centrally located, offering easy access nationwide. Mediations can be arranged at commercially and geographically convenient locations.

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telephone 0844 561 1763



  • General aviation
  • Aircraft finance & leasing
  • Aircraft purchase & sale contracts
  • Insurance claims
  • Fatal accidents
  • Collision
  • Freight/Cargo handling
  • Commercial disputes with an engineering angle or complex aviation issues
  • Aircraft maintenance and repair
  • Flight training
  • Employment
  • Breach of contract

Iain Goldrein QC

  • Iain Goldrein QCIain Goldreinfirst flew at 14, went solo at 16 and secured a full pilot’s licence at 17 through a Royal Air Force Flying Scholarship.
  • He is a mediator with a lifelong interest in aviation matters including flight safety, air accident investigation and the Montreal Convention, engineering issues, airport operation, pilot operation and conduct, management  issues, aircraft acquisition and disposal, human resources and finance; and regulatory issues..
  • He first qualified as a commercial mediator in 1991 and assisted in the editing of the Hong Kong Mediation Handbook. He also sits as a Deputy High Court Judge and he is an Acting Deemster of the Isle of Man.
  • Through his publications, he helped to forge the modern jurisprudence on expert evidence and he is a Companion of the Academy of Experts.
  • In “recognition of his outstanding contribution to the legal profession”, Bolton University conferred upon him an Honorary Doctorate of Laws. The range and depth of his bibliography is unique; several of his works are forwarded by leading members of the Judiciary.
  • He is a Scholar of the University of Cambridge and an Exhibitioner of Pembroke College. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and holds a Scholarship from Inner Temple.

Michele MacLeod

  • Michele MacLeodIt is Michele who makes this Co-Mediation Service unique.
  • Before reading for the Bar, she was for many years an airline pilot and instructor (CPL/ATPL)
  • As an instructor and pilot, she has written and presented technical training courses.
  • She has an excellent understanding of commercial aviation issues.
  • She is a member of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots.
  • Michele is familiar with a vast range of aviation issues such as flight safety, air accident investigation, engineering issues, airport operation, pilot operation and conduct, management issues, human resources and finance; and regulatory issues.
  • Michele trained as a mediator and was called to the bar in 2009.