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David Frost -v- Wake Smith and Tofields Solicitors

Robin Bramley's mediation skills acclaimed by Court of Appeal

Robin Bramley, mediator Consensus Mediation Director and mediator Robin Bramley could not have been praised more highly by the Court of Appeal when they considered this case.

Describing a dispute that lasted almost a decade Mr Justice Tomlinson said in the judgment:

  • "The mediator appointed was a surveyor from East Anglia, Mr Robin Bramley. He was evidently extremely skilled in his task."
  • "the mediator performed a small miracle"
  • "this unhappy story ultimately bears testimony to the ability of a skilled mediator to resolve even the most apparently intractable dispute attended by the inevitable animosity of a fractured family relationship."

The case being considered by the Court was one of professional negligence against one of the solicitors involved in two connected mediations arranged by Consensus Mediation for these clients. It is a fascinating read, and Consensus Mediation is delighted that Robin Bramley's skills and tireless efforts have been both recognised and remarked upon.